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Energy Healing Kriya

Sometimes the demands of life can leave the intellect overwhelmed and saturated, we find ourselves looking but not seeing, listening but not hearing. We may feel depleted, our words our movements become clumsy. We forget. We forget that we have all the resources that we need within.

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kundalini yoga and meditation for balance and flow

In kundalini yogic teachings we have the concept of prana (energy that circulates through the body) and apana (the eliminative energy). When the two are in balance the physical, energetic and mental bodies are also in balance and we experience life ‘in flow’ a state where all that we need comes to us

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Herbal medicine clinic

What exactly is herbal medicine and how does it work? Herbal medicine provides a safe and effective alternative to conventional treatment for many different health conditions. The principles, philosophies and practices of traditional herbal medicine, have been passed down through the centuries and the benefits are increasingly being supported and explained by modern scientific research.

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Herb of the moment

As a herbalist I often get asked what my favourite herb. With a vast array of different herbs at my disposal this is an almost impossible question to answer! So I’ll be writing posts that highlighting the benefits of the various herbs that I have experience of using in my own clinics.

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Transformation and this weeks kundalini classes

It feels good to back teaching and back practicing herbal medicine. You know that you are on the right path when after an inspiring and rejuvenating holiday you are still excited about coming home and coming back to work! It has been a fulfilling couple of weeks, diving back into classes and clinics.But life has not always been that way for me. And the practice of kundalini yoga and meditation has been a fundamental driver in creating a life that I Iove.

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Intuition, letting go of fear and this weeks classes

Fear is an interesting emotion. Fear can protect us from danger, fear can motivate us, fear can stop us from living in the present. Fear can be contagious and it seems to be underlying much of our collective responses to recent events. Fear of what the future may hold. Yet the reality right now is that for many of us our physical circumstances are no different this week to what they were last week

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How to heal a broken collective- a yogic perspective

How can we heal our fractured and divided nation? The phrases ‘united’ kingdom and European ‘union’ no longer have any meaning. Some of us are experiencing, loss, confusion, isolation, anger and fear, some are experiencing elation. Some of us are grieving the loss of our future, our children’s future, some are not. Paradoxically it seems that division is the only thing that unites us.

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Raise the energy & this weeks classes

This week we bring our focus to raising the kundalini energy with powerful and subtle, strong and gentle kriyas that work to clear energetic blocks along the whole length of the spine. These kriyas leave us feeling liberated, expanded, centred and grounded.

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Balancing polarity and this weeks classes

This week we practice kriyas that bring our focus to the concept of polarity. Polarity describes apparently opposite forces that actually represent complementary, interconnected systems; the physical and the mental, the finite and the infinite, the tangible and intangible.

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