As a herbalist I often get asked what my favourite herb. With a vast array of different herbs at my disposal this is an almost impossible question to answer! So I’ll be writing a regular post highlighting the benefits of the various herbs that I have experience of using in my own clinic here in Hastings.

Eleutherococcus senticosus or Siberian ginseng as it is more commonly known is a herb I use very frequently in my own clinic. It is used traditionally as an adaptogenic herb with immune modulating actions.  It is used therapeutically to modify the physiological response to both physical and mental stress within the body. The principle active constituents are the eleutherosides which are saponin glycosides. I often prescribe it (in combination with other individually tailored herbs) to patients experiencing prolonged stress, exhaustion, convalescence or for those with depleted immune function. This is a wonderful herb that gives excellent results, however as with many herbs there are some cautions, contraindications and interactions that need to be considered before prescribing this herb.

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