Students often ask me about teacher training. Even if you are not intending to teach, taking a teacher training course will help you to cultivate a regular home practice and experience and embody the benefits of this!

There are many different KRI certified schools available, all of which offer high quality training and provide you with the skills  and qualifications to go on and teach should you wish to do so. However the approach and setting of each of the schools varies, so it is essential to do your research beforehand. Teacher training is a commitment, financially and energetically, it takes up a lot of your time!

I strongly recommend that students meet their teacher trainers before making the commitment. You can do this through classes, workshops and retreats. Many schools also offer the option of attending the 1st weekend before deciding if you wish to commit to whole course. This helps you to get a feel for the style and the approach of the school and see if that is something that resonates with you.

I trained with the international school of kundalini yoga (I-SKY)  under Guru Dharam Singh Khalsa and Darryl O’Keefe. For me this was a nurturing, life changing, challenging and uplifting experience. I-SKY welcomes diversity in all its forms, welcomes those with questioning minds and the curiosity to learn and experience. I continue to be inspired by their philosophy;

I would not interfere with any creed of yours,
nor want to appear that I have all the cures.
There is so much to know.
So many things are true,
the way my feet must go may not be best for you.
And so I give this spark of what is light to me,
to guide you through the dark,
but not to tell you what to see.

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