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Herbal Medicine

Yeli is  is a highly trained practitioner who has completed an approved degree in herbal medicine incorporating 500 hours of clinical training. The degree covers in depth many modules incorporated in a conventional medical degree including anatomy and physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, clinical medicine and practice, and differential diagnosis. She is an accredited member of the national institute of medical herbalists (MNIMH).

Herbal medicines are pharmaceutical grade plant extracts, which contain active constituents present at therapeutic levels (as with conventional Western medicines). These active constituents produce potent physiological effects within the body in a similar way to conventional drugs. These benefits, however, are delivered without many of the side effects experienced with conventional  medicine.

I use therapeutic strength herbs in my prescriptions, many of my herbs are ‘1:1 fluid extracts’, so for every 1ml of liquid you get 1g of herb. This compares with standard tinctures which tend to range from 1:2 to 1:5 and deliver 1g of herb per 2ml or 5ml of tincture respectively. As herbal medicine prescriptions contain multiple herbs, including 1:1 fluid extracts in each mix, ensures an therapeutic dose of each herb which translates into consistent and effective results.

Herbal medicines are tailored specifically to you, the individual, and are commonly prescribed as a tincture or fluid extract (where the active ingredients are extracted in an alcohol‑based medium). Some active constituents are readily extracted in water so some herbs may also be prescribed dried, to be taken as herbal infusion or tea. Alternatively herbal medicines may also be prescribed in tablet or capsule form, and for some conditions as creams, lotions and balms.

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