How can we heal our fractured and divided nation?

The phrases ‘united’ kingdom and European ‘union’ no longer have any meaning. Some of us are experiencing, loss, confusion, isolation, anger and fear, some are experiencing elation. Some of us are grieving the loss of our future, our children’s future, some are not. Paradoxically it seems that division is the only thing that unites us.

How can we move beyond that? How can we seek to unify and heal a broken collective?

The first kundalini yoga sutra is ‘the other person is you’ what we see in others is simply a reflection of what is in us. To heal we must always seek to understand the other and therefore ourselves. To heal we must always seek an outcome that benefits self and other. This is because self and other are actually part of the same whole. When we ignore or dismiss the needs of the other we are in the actually ignoring and dismissing the needs of ourselves. When we ignore or dismiss or simply do not consider the needs of the other we create karma.

Karma is the law of cause and effect that applies to moral, mental and physical actions. Ego in its finite nature attaches and identifies with certain feelings, thoughts or objects and creates a bias to a particular line of action. If we choose to take action that satisfies our own individual needs whilst ignoring the needs of other, then our actions must be completed or resolved at some point in the future.  Sometimes these actions, as we are now collectively experiencing, have exhausting far reaching and devastating consequences.

So to heal we must give equal consideration to understanding and fulfilling the needs of self and other. We must do this in our own lives, our own relationships, our own families, our own communities. If we do not seek to do so in our own domains how can we expect our politicians our leaders to do so in their domains? We must look within to understand ourselves so that we can also understand other. If we cannot understand ourselves then we must listen to other, we must listen to other either way, because through seeking to understand the needs of other we learn something about ourselves. Self and other are just part of the same whole.

I am afraid, I am confused, I am angry, I do not have any answers, I do not yet have a true understanding, but what I do have are the tools to look within, what I do have is the knowledge that through seeking to understand comes, tolerance, acceptance, compassion, support, love, unity and oneness. Come and join us this week as we practice kriyas and meditations to let go of anger, connect with oneness and heal self and other. The world needs you.