Fear is an interesting emotion. Fear can protect us from danger, fear can motivate us, fear can stop us from living in the present. Fear can be contagious and it seems to be underlying much of our collective responses to recent events. Fear of what the future may hold. Yet the reality right now is that for many of us our physical circumstances are no different this week to what they were last week. Yet we feel fear. Challenges to our perceived security (as oppose to our physical security) can provide us with a perfect opportunity to make a conscious choice to live in each moment as we choose to trust and to let go of fear of what the future might hold. Fear is only useful if we can do something about it, if we cannot it can be crippling. Join us this week as practice beautiful kriyas and meditations that allow us to connect with our intuition, face our challenges with clarity, let go of any fear of the future and dive into the present moment.

See you there love and light Yeli