Join us this week as we open the Anahata, the heart chakra that represents green mother energy, the energy from which everything grows, the energy to which everything comes.

Join us on Monday and Tuesday evening as we practice a kriya for green energy and opportunity. As we bring balance to the physical and energetic body, we allow free flow of energy to the heart, when we think, see and act from the expanded heart we find ourselves in flow with life with love with our limitless potential. Come to sow and nurture the seeds of your intention. Expand the energy at the heart to invite abundance, opportunity and growth and to feel love and radiate love for all, to all.

We will continue with this theme on Tuesday morning as we practice a kriya to‘open the heart centre’. In this powerful and gentle sequence we will work with pranayama, posture, movement and mantra to expand the energy at the heart. This sequence gives us courage to open our hearts, increase compassion and sensitivity to others and let go of emotional defensiveness. We feel a sense of calmness which frees us from unnecessary or limiting thoughts so we can be present, experience our feelings with clarity and take action from the heart. When we live from the heart, understand that we are part of a broader reality, all possibilities become open to us.

This Wednesday morning and Thursday evening we will be working with a beautiful heart opening and healing kriya. We will be expanding and balancing the energy at the navel and heart centres, with Nabhi kriya for prana apana. Prana represents the energising, stimulating, incoming energy or life force and apana is the cooling, restorative, eliminative energy. These energies mix at the navel centre to connect us to our will power, stamina and determination. When we are strong at the navel we have the clarity and focus to set our intentions and realise our goals. We have the courage to move the energy up into our hearts and let go of anything that no longer serves us. As we as connect with this energy within our hearts, we become free to live in the present and to share our awareness, compassion, love and purpose to lead happy and fulfilled lives.

Come and join us this week as we open and hearts and share our energy!