In kundalini yogic teachings we have the concept of prana (energy that circulates through the body) and apana (the eliminative energy). When the two are in balance the physical, energetic and mental bodies are also in balance and we experience life ‘in flow’ a state where all that we need comes to us, almost effortlessly. I say almost as we must first put effort into bringing the polarities into to balance to experience this ‘effortless’ flow. Apana balance corresponds to letting go of anything – thoughts, feelings, situations, dynamics, energies that no longer serve us. It is about creating space for prana (new energy, breath) to flow freely into the bodies. One way to create space is through cultivating awareness. Awareness can be cultivated on many levels including physical, energetic and mental. When we work with bringing awareness to the mind we are consciously bringing the subconscious into the conscious, we are moving from darkness to light, we are literally illuminating an aspect of ourselves, so that we see, see clearly, without illusion or delusion. When we see clearly we are free to make choices, to choose to hold on or to choose to let go. When we choose to let go of what no longer serves us we empower ourselves and through this process we move into a state of flow.

Come and join us this week as we practice kriyas and meditations that bring the prana and apana into balance so that we can experience the state of effortless flow! 

Love and blessings to all Yeli