What To Expect

Herbal Medicine

An initial consultation usually lasts around an hour and 30 minutes. During this time a detailed case history will be taken as we explore current and past health issues, and any other relevant aspects of your health, such as lifestyle and any medications or supplements that you may be taking. Your blood pressure will usually be taken and relevant examinations may be carried out.

Based on information from your case history, therapeutic goals (what health improvements you would like to see) will be discussed, a diagnosis will usually be made and a management plan will be agreed. The management plan will usually involve lifestyle advice or suggested changes, and herbal medicines. Where indicated, herbal medicines will be prescribed and are always tailored to your individual requirements.

Depending on the nature of the health issue you will be advised to attend a follow up appointment (lasting between 30-45 minutes) between one and four weeks later. This will be to review how well your medicine is working for you and to determine if further appointments or prescriptions are necessary.

Yeli is bound by confidentiality in all aspects of her work. The content of all herbal medicine consultations are confidential and will only be shared with your GP under specific circumstances, please contact Yeli if you would like more information regarding confidentiality. There may also be occasions where we would need to refer you back to your GP for further investigations or tests.

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