This week we bring our focus to raising the kundalini energy with powerful and subtle, strong and gentle kriyas that work to clear energetic blocks along the whole length of the spine. These kriyas leave us feeling liberated, expanded, centred and grounded.

Join us Monday and Tuesday evenings for a kriya to raise the kundalini in quick order. This is a very powerful kriya for releasing tension along the whole length of the spine, raising our energy and releasing energy blocks to allow us to experience the bliss and freedom of the present moment. This Kriya leaves us feeling re-energised, rebalanced, relaxed, deeply centred and connected with ourselves and all around us. We finish with a gentle and powerful meditation to invite abundance and prosperity into our lives and our hearts. To practice this kriya at home click here.

On Tuesday and Wednesday mornings we practice a deeply meditative kriya to raise the kundalini energy. This kriya works though mantra and silence, movement and stillness and breath awareness to raise the energy from the lower to higher chakras to experience the stillness, intuition, expansiveness and freedom of the meditative mind. Simple, powerful, effective, an opportunity, to plant the seed of intention, to renew, rejuvenate, to manifest our goals. To practice this kriya at home click here.

On Thursday evening we practice a liberating and relaxing kriya focussing on the spine to physically release old tensions, fears, limitations and blockages. As we open up energy channels, allow energy to flow, rebalance and connect mind, body and soul, we become free, liberated to move forward into our highest potential. With courage and focus we will clearly set our intentions to realise our goals for an auspicious, authentic and heart opening experience. To practice this kriya at home click here

Come and join us!