Surrender to what is right now. Surrender does not mean to give up. Surrender requires us to connect to the wisdom within, so that we can discern between what we can change and what we cannot. When we try and change what cannot be changed, we give power to the ego, as we try and redirect the path of the infinite cosmos. When the universe does not obey we can then experience discontentment or disconnection in some form or another.

Cultivating gratitude for what we already have and acceptance of what we cannot (right now) change in our lives is a very effective antidote to discontentment and disconnection, which can if we allow it, take hold, in a world where we often seem to be encouraged to continually strive for more without taking time to reflect on what has already been achieved.

This week we practice kriyas that allow us though stillness to sit with all that is right now, to cultivate the intuition to discern between what we can change and that which we cannot, and to then with grace and radiance take action that empowers us to transform our challenges into our opportunities. We finish the week with a gentle kriya that elevates our minds and bodies so that we can stay in tune with our highest selves. Come and join us as we bow in gratitude for everything that we already have in our lives!

This Monday evening and Tuesday morning we will be working with the ‘pituitary gland series’. This kriya is a powerful and stilling sequence that frees us from the chatter of the mind and allows us to connect with our intuition and wisdom. Physically we will bring flexibility into the body and as we still the body, we slow the mind and when the mind is still and the body relaxed we are able to really connect with our intuition, open our hearts, expand our minds and take action to move forward in life in the clear knowledge that everything is exactly as it is meant to be. 

Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we practice a heart opening, energising kriya to invite radiance and abundance into our lives. We practice his uplifting and energising kriya for keep up spirit. Keep up spirit is the radiant body quality that, allow us to overcome setbacks, obstacles or challenges with radiance, courage, strength and endurance. As we enhance flexibility in the body and the mind, we energetically strengthen the aura and expand the radiant body so we can meet our challenges with an open heart with courage to succeed, excel and manifest our goals!

This Thursday evening we practice an elevating kriya that uses powerful pranayama and gentle postures to stimulate, stretch, strengthen and bring flexibility to whole length of the spine. As we bring balance to the physical body we circulate prana throughout the chakras and up to the higher centres. This brings a state of alertness, elevation and expansion to the mind and through the deep relaxation that follows we start to integrate, these mind and body changes into our everyday lives. 

See you soon love Yeli