What is kundalini energy? How do we awaken the kundalini energy?

There are thousands of different kundalini yoga sets known as kriyas (which literally means complete action). Each kriya prepares the body for the awakening of the kundalini energy, which ultimately leads to expanded awareness on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

But what is this mysterious Kundalini energy? In yoga philosophy it is described as the creative energy, which lies dormant at the base of the spine and once awakened it opens the gateway to enlightenment, manifestation and liberation. Dormant Kundalini energy resides at the base of the spine and is awakened by integration of prana and apana (which we focused on in last weeks’ classes). Prana or life force and apana the eliminating energy are channelled through nadis which emanate from the navel point.

The most important nadis are ida, pingala and sushmuna. Ida ends at the left nostril and carries apana, cooling and restorative lunar energy, pingala ends at the right nostril and carries energising prana, stimulating energy. The sushmuna is the central nadi which originates at the base of the spine and ends at the top of the head, and is the channel through which once awakened, the kundalini energy can rise.kundalini energy

To awaken and raise the kundalini, prana and apana must integrate, inhaling and holding the breath directs prana to the navel chakra, exhaling and holding draws apana up from the root chakra to the navel point. Union of these two forces creates white heat at the navel chakra and from here the integrated energies descend to the root chakra and awaken the kundalini, breath and will causes the kundalini to rise up the sushmuna transforming lower energies into higher energies.

For the energy to flow freely, blockages must be released through application of pranayam (breath), mantra (sound), asana (posture) and bandh (body locks). Conscious application of the bandhs generates the pressure needed to direct prana-apana from the lowers chakras to raise the kundalini up the sushmuna and into the brain; mulbandh (root lock) directs apana up to navel chakra, uddiyana bandh (diaphragm lock) directs energy into throat chakra and jalanhar bandh (throat lock) directs the energy into the brain where pineal and pituitary glands are stimulated uniting at the third eye and opening the crown chakra.

These concepts can seem quite abstract and complicated on paper and reading about them can sometimes lead students to chase or overanalyse an experience. However by chasing the experience or bringing the analytical mind into the equation, we take our awareness outside the present moment and further away from the bliss and the freedom of our own true experience. To come back to the present moment is to accept everything exactly as it is, and one way to do this is through practicing kriyas. This week we work with two kriyas that focus on raising this mysterious kundalini energy.

This Tuesday morning we will be working with all the energy centres within the body, with a kriya for ‘Raising the kundalini in quick order’. This is a very powerful kriya for raising our energy, we will release any energy blocks to allow us to experience the bliss and freedom of the present moment. This Kriya leaves us feeling re-energised, rebalanced, relaxed, deeply centered and connected with ourselves and all around us. With regular practice we are free to move forward in our lives with clarity and a sense of purpose to realise our highest potentials. 

This Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we practice with a deeply meditative kriya to raise the kundalini. This kriya works though mantra and silence, movement and stillness and breath awareness to raise the energy from the lower to higher chakras to experience the stillness, intuition, expansiveness and freedom of the meditative mind. Simple, powerful, effective, an opportunity, to plant the seed of intention, to renew, rejuvenate, to manifest our goals. 

Come and join us for your own experience!  See you soon love Yeli