As we approach the winter solstice we naturally tend towards introspection, an opportunity to reflect, to go inwards and review. I am taking a break from teaching classes over the Christmas season and taking this time to delve inwards. As I deepen my personal practice, I tune into an awareness arising out of a period of great change as I shift my mind and body from a life in London to my new home in Hastings. With a sense of excitement, at new possibilities, new collaborations, I go out into the world.

How do we navigate the sea of change when our world changes beyond what we have always known? Our practice becomes our anchor. This week, as I experience the unsettling sense of a busy mind, I find myself drawn to a deeply meditative kriya. Though the polarities of mantra and silence, movement and stillness along with breath awareness I am transported from a chattering mind to experience the guiding stillness, tranquillity and freedom of the meditative mind.

For anyone caught up in the seasonal festivities or the roller coaster of drama and joy that often accompanies, perhaps with little time to attend a class, this kriya can be practiced at home, it’s simple, powerful, effective and provides an opportunity to reflect, renew and rejuvenate and prepare for a prosperous, fulfilling and joyful new year ahead.