Full circle. Sometimes in life we say goodbye to things that are good. We talk a lot about letting go of things that no longer serve in kundalini yoga, shaking out the old and making space for the new! Letting go can be exciting, it can be challenging. Whether we let of things that do not serve or things that are good, it can feel unfamiliar, to walk the unknown path, to make space and then trust that all we need will come to us.

Three and a half years ago I took on a lovely community class in London, from a teacher who had just left the area. The class thrived with wonderful students bringing their energies and creating a beautiful space to gather. A few weeks ago in similar circumstances I took on a wonderful community class in Ore in my new home of Hastings, from a lovely teacher who had also just left the area. I realised life had come full circle. It was time to hand over the lovely community class in London (which is no longer my home) to its next teacher! The lovely Ania (and maybe Ashley also) will be continuing the community class at St Hilda’s in Shoreditch on Tuesday evenings. I’m sure you’ll all join me in welcoming this new ripple of energy into this lovely sangat!

Whether your tendency is to embrace change, or engage change with trepidation, this week we bring our focus to exploring kriyas that allow us to keep our heads at those times when the energies swirl and change descends (whether we are ready or not!) into our worlds.

This Tuesday morning we will be practicing ‘stress set for the adrenals and kidneys’ Stress can can give us the motivation to get things done, to make positive changes, if we experience prolonged stress however we burn out. This Tuesday we will be working with a rejuvenating kriya, which works on a physical level to release stress and muscular tension within the body through pranayama (breath) and asana (posture). Once we let go of tension, our bodies are physically free to perform optimally and as energy flows freely within the body we connect with the power, clarity and focus we need to set our intentions, and take the action we need to move forward in life. Come and join us!

Tune in tomorrow for more information on Wednesday mornings and Thursday evenings classes this week!

For a some very wise and insightful thoughts about change and transition, read Judy Frasers blog

See you soon love Yeli xx