This week we come back to the concept of balance and energetic flow. As we practice a powerful kriya that systematically works to balance each of the chakras (energy centres) in the body. This opens the energy channels to allow the free flow of energy through the body. As we bring balance to the physical and energetic body, we allow free flow of energy to the heart. As we let go of tension at the heart we are free to think, see and act from the expanded heart. We find ourselves in flow with life with love with our limitless potential ready to step forward as we transform our challenges into our opportunities. Join us Monday or Tuesday to practice this kriya. 

On Wednesday staying with the theme of balance and energy flow, we will be working again to raise the energy from the lower centres of the body with a rejuvenating kriya for ‘pelvic balance, energy and potency’. When we walk through life with grace and strength we feel connected to the world and are ready to act, to experience this we need not only to reign in the mind but also bring the physical body into balance. When the physical body is out of alignment we can experience stress, injury and limited endurance. This amazing kriya brings the mind and body back into balance, maintains energy and gives us the clarity and presence of mind to be the best that we can be in each moment.

This Thursday we will be working again with all the energy centres within the body, with a kriya for ‘Raising the kundalini in quick order’. This is a very powerful kriya for raising our energy, we will release any energy blocks throughout the whole chakra system, to allow us to experience the bliss and freedom of the present moment. This Kriya leaves us feeling re-energised, rebalanced, relaxed, deeply centered and connected with ourselves and all around us.

Come and join us love Yeli