Mantras are sound currents that are formulated to elevate consciousness, they play a fundamental role in kundalini yoga and meditation practice. Mantras on a very basic level can be thought of as tools we use to focus the mind and bring us into the present moment.

Sa ta na ma is mantra used very frequently in both kundalini yoga and meditation practices. It is a mantra that we can draw on when we need perspective in life, for those times when we need to step back and see the bigger picture, for the times when we need to remember that, to make space in our minds and our hearts for the new we need to consciously let go of the whatever we hold onto in our lives that no longer serves us. It is a mantra that connects us to the cycles or seasons of life and frees us from the confines of our questioning mind. It can be translated as follows

Sa: Beginning or infinity

Ta: life or existence

Na: transformation or change

Ma: regeneration or rebirth

This mantra is used in the meditative kundalini set featured in next weeks blog and many other kriya’s and meditations.