Opening the Heart: Kundalini yoga and meditation workshops, with Yeli at Into the Wild Beltane Fire Festival.

May bank holiday Weekend, April 29th- May 2nd.

Ashdown forest, Bentley Estate, Harveys Lane, Nearby Lewes, East Sussex, BN8 5AF

Opening the heart: Kundalini yoga & Meditation with Yeli

In these workshops we bring our attention to heart chakra. As we bring balance to the physical and energetic body, we allow free flow of energy to the heart, when we think, see and act from the expanded heart we find ourselves in flow with life, with love, with our limitless potential.

WORKSHOP ONE: 11:30am-1pm Saturday 30th April with Yeli Williams

Come to sow and nurture the seeds of your intention. Open the Anahata, the heart chakra that represents green mother energy, the energy from which everything grows, the energy to which everything comes. Expand the energy at the heart to invite abundance, opportunity and growth and to feel love and radiate love for all, to all. Come and join us!


WORKSHOP TWO: 2pm-3:30pm Sunday 1st May with Yeli Williams

Join us for a heart opening, kriya to invite radiance, abundance and love into our lives. We practice an uplifting, heart opening and gently energising kriya for keep up spirit. Keep up spirit is the radiant body quality that, allow us to overcome setbacks, obstacles or challenges with radiance, courage, strength and endurance. As we enhance flexibility in the body and the mind, we strengthen the aura and expand the radiant body so we can meet our challenges with courage to succeed, excel and manifest our goals through an open heart!

The festival is special time to get together with warmth and friendship, a time for joy and celebration, come and join us for a soul fulfilling weekend. Held in the Ashdown forest (one hour from London, Half an hour from Brighton) at the time of Beltane, the ancient festival to celebrate the long days at the beginning of Spring.

Come and join us for a wildly enchanting weekend. With inspiring Workshops, Kundalini Yoga and Meditation, Foraging, Herbal walks, Martial arts, Shamanism, Tantra, Singing, Dance, Rituals, Storytelling, stalls and much more.

Cost: £75 Adult, £30 Children, for the whole weekend. All workshops included in the price.

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