In yoga philosophy we have the concept of the ten separate and interconnected bodies that make up the human psyche. They are the physical body and the bodies that are composed of light energy. Yogic philosophies teach us that when you understand and are aware of the 10 bodies and you keep them in balance, then the whole universe will be in balance with you.

So if we want to experience life in flow we need to tune into both the physical and energetic bodies within us. So how do we do this? And what exactly are these mysterious 10 bodies and how do they manifest in our tangible world?

Each of these bodies when activated provides us with a particular quality or strength and if weakened offer us particular challenges. If we recognise the challenges that may manifest in our own lives we have an opportunity, through the application of kundalini yoga using specific kriyas or mediations, to transform our challenges into our opportunity, by activating and strengthening a body in need of our attention.

The first body is the soul. This corresponds to the root chakra and is the infinite light that exists within us. If weakened we may struggle to bring into balance the head and the heart.

The second body is the negative mind which has a protective function and corresponds with the second chakra. When the negative mind is in balance we have the gift of discernment, any danger in given situation is revealed to us and we can take action to protect ourselves. If out of balance however we see life in a very negative and fearful way.

The third body is the positive mind. This relates to the navel centre. The positive mind encourages us to take risks, try new things, to be open to the infinite possibilities and encourages us to strive towards realising our full potential. When weakened there is a tendency towards idealism or allowing the negative mind to dominate.

The fourth body is the neutral mind, which corresponds to the heart centre. The neutral mind when activated takes the input from both the positive and the negative minds and guides you towards the best course of action in in any situation. If the neutral mind is weakened there is a tendency towards indecision and an inability to see the bigger picture.

The fifth body is the physical body, which is represented by the throat chakra. The other light bodies play out in the physical body. The physical body is the guru that takes the abstract or the intangible and makes it into the tangible. If weakened then the inner and the outer realms are out of balance.

The sixth body is the arc line, which is the halo of energy that arcs from earlobe to earlobe. When strong we can focus, meditate, project and manifest our intentions and our goals into reality. When out of balance we struggle to focus, meditate and we feel disconnected from the intuition within.

The seventh body is the aura, which is a sphere of energy that surrounds the physical body. When the aura is strong the person is confident and secure, disease or negative influences cannot penetrate through the aura.  When weakened there is a tendency to be overwhelmed by external influences or drain energy from others.

The eight body is the pranic body. It commands the breath and takes in prana, energy or life-force of the universe. When the pranic body is strong you feel alive and fearless and you can direct your own pranic energy to heal others. If weakened there is a tendency to be fearful or defensive or to feel lethargic or exhausted.

The ninth body is the subtle body, which carries the soul when it departs the physical body. When strong there are no mysteries in life, everything is clear. The subtle body projects refinement, diplomacy and calmness. When weak there is a tendency towards naivety or unrefined behaviour.

The tenth body is the radiant body, which is a sphere of light that radiates spiritual grace, charisma, a presence that can heal others even from a distance. When weakened there is a fear of conflict and a tendency towards ineffectiveness.

This week we will tune into the various bodies with uplifting, awakening, heart opening, empowering and intuitive kriyas such as the pituitary gland series, prana apana balance and awakening to the ten bodies.  We will finish with powerful laya yoga meditations that suspend us from the ordinary world by fixing our attention and energy on higher consciousness, enabling us to experience the link between self and creation. Come and join us!