This week we practice kriyas that elevate, uplift and raise our vibration into the higher chakras. This frees us to experience blissful,  restorative and deeply meditative states of consciousness.

This Tuesday morning we will practice a gentle kriya for elevation. This sequence uses pranayam (breath work), movement and mantra to gently and powerfully release tension and increase flexibility in physical body. This in turn allows the free flow of energy along the whole length of the spine raising us up into the higher chakras and preparing us for deep and powerful meditation.

To experience the subtle expansiveness of meditation we need to first set a firm foundation on earth. This Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we will be practicing ‘Foundation for infinity’ which focuses on the pelvic area as a means for setting that foundation, meditation then launches us into the subtle realms of expansion. Physiologically the pelvis acts as a foundation, a centre of balance for the torso and the lower foundation on earth. Chronic misalignment, tension and inflexibility manifest their effects on physical and emotional wellbeing. This kriya physically realigns the body and releases tension and allows us to relax and rejuvenate the mind through deep and expansive meditation, leaving us feeling refreshed and ready to move forward in life with a sense of clarity and purpose.

This Thursday evening we work with a Kriya that combines posture, movement and mantra to balance the chakras and the corresponding organs. This sequence prepares us to access a deep meditative state, as we work with a meditation to remove fear of the future allowing us to connect to the flow of life through the heart center. The meditation clears our fears of the future which have been created by subconscious memories of the past. It forces us to deal with our Heart Center. Join us as we let go of fear, connect with our limitless potential and step into the true bliss and freedom of the present moment.