This week we bring our attention to the spine, we will focus on aligning the spine, unblocking energy centres that run along the length of the spine and by bringing balance to the physical and energetic bodies we will let go of the old and welcome in the new! Join is for three fantastic energising kriyas this week!

This Tuesday morning we will practice a liberating and releasing kriya for getting rid of faults in the spine. In this sequence we release muscular tensions along the length of the spine, physically realigning the whole spine and energetically we letting go of old fears, limitations and blockages. As we open up energy channels, allow energy to flow, rebalance and connect mind, body and soul, we become free, liberated to move forward into our highest potential. With courage and focus we can clearly set our intentions to realise our goals for an auspicious, authentic and heart opening experience.

This Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we will raise the kundalini energy, our life force with a wonderful kriya to bring balance to the body and spine. The spine which holds the the entire nervous system needs flexibility and balance, using posture, movement and mantra we`ll physically stretch and strengthen the muscles, release tension, dissolve energy blocks and bring flexibility to the spine. The result is strength, balance and endurance freeing us to live life with clarity, purpose and abundance.

Join us this Thursday as we work with all the energy centres within the body, with a kriya for ‘Raising the kundalini in quick order’. This is a very powerful kriya for releasing tension along the whole length of the spine, raising our energy and releasing energy blocks to allow us to experience the bliss and freedom of the present moment. This Kriya leaves us feeling re-energised, rebalanced, relaxed, deeply centred and connected with ourselves and all around us. With regular practice we are free to move forward in our lives with clarity and a sense of purpose to realise our highest potentials. We finish with a gentle and powerful meditation to invite abundance and prosperity into our lives and our hearts.