When we gain mastery over the physical and mental realms we gain mastery of ourselves. Kundalini yoga is an art and a science that provides us with the tools to gain mastery. This week we practice three very different kriyas that work with both the physical and mental experience.

On Tuesday morning we practice a centering and heart opening kriya ‘to master the domain’. To master your domain you act from the centre of your being, your command centre. Mentally you are able to hold and project a thought, an idea into reality. In the physical body you are able to circulate blood from the core to the limbs and glands. This kriya gives you command in both mental and physical realms, giving you the spirit of a saint and fearlessness of a warrior.

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we bring focus to both the physical and mental experience. We practice a kriya for ‘pelvic balance, energy and potency. When we walk through life with grace and strength we feel connected to the world and are ready to act. To experience this we need to balance both the mind and the physical body. When the physical body is out of alignment we can experience stress, injury and limited endurance. This amazing kriya brings the body back into balance, maintains energy and potency and gives us the clarity and presence of mind to be in our highest potential in each moment.

On Thursday evening we practice uplifting and energising kriya for keep up spirit. This kriya physically brings flexibility into the body and mentally brings courage and stamina, so that we can overcome life’s obstacles and challenges with radiance and grace. As we enhance flexibility in the body and the mind, we energetically strengthen the aura and expand the radiant body so we can meet our challenges with an open heart with courage to succeed, excel and manifest our goals!

Join us this week as we gain mastery over mind and body!