Spring is a time for reflection, renewal and growth. This week as we approach spring we bring our attention to opening the heart and inviting abunance into our lives! This week we choose kriyas to: power through energetic blocks, release and expand the energy of the heart and align ourselves with our true path. Drop in to one or two classes or complete the whole series. Come and see from the expanded heart, feel the flow of love and abundance and find your true purpose. Come and join us!

Join us this Tuesday morning for a heart opening, energising kriya to invite radiance and abundance into our lives. Sometimes in life we may stumble across challenges. If we face these challenges with grace, courage, focus and commitment we can turn our challenge into our opportunity. We will practice an uplifting and energising kriya for keep up spirit that enables us to do just that! Keep up spirit is the radiant body quality that, allow us to overcome setbacks, obstacles or challenges with radiance, courage, strength and endurance. As we enhance flexibility in the body and the mind, we energetically strengthen the aura and expand the radiant body so we can meet our challenges with an open heart with courage to succeed, excel and manifest our goals!

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On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we will be working with a kriya to‘open the heart centre’. In this powerful sequence we will work with pranayama, posture, movement and mantra to expand the energy at the heart. This gives us courage to open our hearts, increase compassion and sensitivity to ourselves and each other and let go of emotional defensiveness. This sequence leaves us with a sense of calmness and frees us from unnecessary or limiting thoughts so we can be present, experience our feelings with clarity and take action from the heart. When we live from the heart, understand that we are part of a broader reality, all possibilities become open to us.

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I’m excited to be starting a community class this Thursday evening at Ore community centre. This will be a low cost class available to all. I’m will be taking on this class from the lovely Tanya who recently moved away from the area. I’m looking forward to getting to know past, present and future students at this space! Continuing with the theme of the heart, we will work to bring balance to the physical and energetic body. As we do so we allow free flow of energy to the heart. When we think, see and act from the expanded heart we find ourselves in flow with life with love with our limitless potential. Come to sow and nurture the seeds of your intention. Open the Anahata, the heart chakra that represents green mother energy, the energy from which everything grows, the energy to which everything comes, Expand the energy at the heart to invite abundance, opportunity and growth and to feel love and radiate love for all, to all.

See you there love Yeli xx