Sometimes we feel life is good. But even when life is good, we may sometimes tune into an untangible awareness dancing in our periphery, that despite all the blessings we can gratefully acknowledge in our lives, something feels, almost imperceptibly a little off centre. We cannot grasp with words or feelings what this something may be.

This is not uncommon, particularly at the early stages of kundalini yoga practice, when we start to develop an increasing awareness on physical, mental and energetic levels. Very often what we are tuning into when we experience this mysterious niggling something, is an awareness of energetic imbalances in the body, in one or more of the chakras.

When we bring the unconscious into the conscious what we are actually doing is developing awareness, and combining this awareness with connecting with the neutral or meditative mind we give ourselves choices. Choices to let go, choices to hold on, choices to sit with.

Very often students come to me with an awareness that a particular energy centre in the body is blocked. I’m often asked what kriya can I recommend to unblock a particular chakra. One of the riches of kundalini yoga practice undoubtedly lies with the vast selection of kriyas to choose from. A kriya or meditation to work through any challenge that life may throw in our direction.

However I often feel that it can be beneficial, where a particular energy centre feels blocked, to take the focus away from the block and spring clean all of the chakras. This way we avoid releasing a block in one chakra and simply moving it up to next one! Join us this week as power through any energetic blockages, spring clean our body and connect the wisdom and intuition within, with two very different kriyas to raise the kundalini energy.

This Tuesday morning we will be working with all the energy centres within the body, with a kriya for ‘Raising the kundalini in quick order’. This is a very powerful kriya for raising our energy, we will release any energy blocks to allow us to experience the bliss and freedom of the present moment. This Kriya leaves us feeling re-energised, rebalanced, relaxed, deeply centred and connected with ourselves and all around us. We finish with the eyes of the Buddha heart meditation shared by Guru Dharam. This meditation gives the ability to develop the vastness of vision through seeing with love and compassion, through the eyes of the expanded heart. 

This Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we practice with a deeply meditative kriya to raise the kundalini. This kriya works though mantra and silence, movement and stillness and breath awareness to raise the energy from the lower to higher chakras to experience the stillness, intuition, expansiveness and freedom of the meditative mind. Simple, powerful, effective, an opportunity, to plant the seed of intention, to renew, rejuvenate, to manifest our goals through connecting with the wisdom within each of us. 

 Hope you see you some love Yeli