This week we channel our focus from the mind back into the physical body. As we ground and centre our energies we connect with the lower energy centres in the body. Here we are able to manifest some of the insights and intentions accessed though connection to the blissful, expansive, unifying states of consciousness experienced in deep meditative states that arise when we gather our attention towards the higher chakras. To remain centred it is important to balance liberation (movement of energy up) with manifestion (movement of energy down). So this week we work with two kriyas that channel our energy back into the earthly realms focusing first at the navel centre, then down into the second chakra.

On Tuesday morning we practice a kriya for the abdominal and navel centre. This kriya will center, strengthen, and balance the energy at the navel point. Strong navel center energy gives you boundless energy and the ability to transform yourself at will. The navel centre represents will power, stamina and determination, when we are strong at the navel we have the clarity and focus to set our intentions and realise our goals, this kriya really connects us to the warrior within and gives us the strength and clarity to move forward in life, it gives us the focus to transform challenge into opportunity.

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we move the energy down into the second chakra and connect with the creative flow with a rejuvenating kriya for ‘pelvic balance, energy and potency’. When we walk through life with grace and strength we feel connected to the world and are ready to act, to experience this we need not only to reign in the mind but also bring the physical body into balance. When the physical body is out of alignment we can experience stress, injury and limited endurance. This amazing kriya brings the body back into balance, maintains energy and potency and gives us the clarity and presence of mind to be in our highest potential in each moment.

Come and join us love Yeli!