This week we will start to bring our focus to the benefits that mantra can bring. Mantra plays a fundamental role in kundalini yoga practice. On a very basic level we use manta as a tool for focussing the mind and bring us into the present moment. There are many different types of mantra and this week we focus on a bij mantra. Bij mantras are seed mantras where sound is sown in the unconscious mind and from the seed of our intention we manifest the infinite into a finite reality or goal.

In this week’s kriyas we work with the mantra Har which represents the creative aspect of infinity. When we chant this mantra the sound connects us with the navel chakra, which connects us with our personal power and creates prosperity through the simple action of transforming an infinite intention into finite reality. The beauty of this mantra is that we can work with any intention that we want to make reality. When we bring an intention into the mind as we chant Har, we create a space in the mind where we are able to see clearly what action we need to take and we create the will to take that action and make that intention reality.

This Tuesday morning we will be working with ‘Stress set for adrenals and kidneys’. This rejuvenating kriya works on a physical level to release stress and muscular tension within the body through pranayama (breath) mantra (sound) and asana (posture). Once we let go of tension, our bodies are physically free to perform optimally and as energy flows freely within the body we connect with the power, clarity and focus we need to set our intentions, realise our goals, to move forward in life and be in our highest potential in each moment.

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we will be practicing ‘Foundation for infinity’. To experience the subtle expansiveness of meditation we need to first set a firm foundation on earth. We work to transform infinite intention into finite reality though pranayama (breath) mantra (sound) and movement. This kriya focuses on the pelvis as means for setting that finite foundation and meditation then launches us into the subtle realms of infinite expansion. This kriya physically realigns the pelvis which acts as our centre of balance and our foundation on earth, releases tension, improves flexibility and allows us to relax and rejuvenate the mind through deep and expansive meditation, leaving us feeling refreshed and ready to move forward in life with a sense of clarity purpose and action. 

Come and join us this week as we explore pranayam, mantra and movement!  love Yeli