This week we focus on bringing balance into our lives. As we juggle many different responsibilities we can sometimes forget that to meet the demands of our busy lives we first need to nurture and take care of ourselves. This is where our practice comes into its own. When we cultivate focus and balance on the mat, we find that we start integrate focus and balance into our lives. And this is really what our yoga practice is all about, taking the insights we may have during our practice to make positive changes in our everyday lives.

On Tuesday morning we practice a kriya that balances all the chakra (energy centres) in the body. This opens the energy channels to allow the free flow of energy through the body. On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we practice a kriya that balances the flow of energy itself through these energy centres. Come and join us as we invite balance and the free flow of energy into our lives!

On Tuesday morning we practice a powerful kriya that systematically works to balance each of chakras in the body. As we bring balance to the physical and energetic body, we allow free flow of energy to the heart. As we let go of tension at the heart we are free to think, see and act from the expanded heart. We find ourselves in flow with life with love with our limitless potential ready to step forward as we transform our challenges into our opportunities. 

On Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we work with an energising and restorative kriya for prana apana balance. Through posture, and movement we systematically balance the flow of energies within the body; through integration of prana (energising, stimulating, life force) and apana (cooling, restorative, eliminative energy) at the navel point, we awaken the kundalini energy or our limitless potential. We come to rest at the centre of our being, feeling connected, relaxed, elevated and ready for life. 

Come and join us love Yeli! albert einstein-balance