This week we bring our focus to balancing the energies within the body. We will practice kriyas that integrate prana (which represents the energising, stimulating, incoming energy or life force) and apana (which is the cooling, restorative, eliminative energy) at the navel point. As we balance the energies at the navel centre we awaken the kundalini energy or our limitless potential.

This Tuesday morning we practice an elevating kriya that uses powerful pranayama and gentle postures to stimulate, stretch, strengthen and bring flexibility to whole length of the spine. As we bring balance to the physical body we circulate prana throughout the chakras and up to the higher centres. This brings a state of alertness, elevation and expansion to the mind and through the deep relaxation that follows we start to integrate these mind and body changes into our everyday lives.

This Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning we will be working with a beautiful heart opening and healing kriya. We will be expanding and balancing the energies at the navel and heart centres, with Nabhi kriya for prana apana. As we mix these energies at the navel centre we connect to our will power, stamina and determination. When we are strong at the navel we have the clarity and focus to set our intentions and realise our goals. We have the courage to move the energy up into our hearts and let go of anything that no longer serves us. As we as connect with this energy within our hearts, we become free to live in the present and to forgive, to share our awareness, compassion, love and purpose to lead happy, healthy and fulfilled lives. Come and join us to experience the effects of this beautiful kriya!

See you soon love Yeli